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Sweet Goldberry, fresh as morning dew!

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“O slender as a willow-wand! O clearer than clear water! O reed by the living pool! Fair River-daughter! O spring-time and summer-time, and spring again after! O wind on the waterfall, and the leaves’ laughter!” — : J.R.R Tolkien, from The Fellowship of the Ring: In the House of Tom Bombadil

Independent LotR Canon Character RP blog. Will RP with anyone OC or not! Faceclaim is Emilie De Ravin/Rapunzel. Tracking the tag: goldberryriverdaughter. All images are not mine unless stated.

{ooc: good day everyone: i apologize for not replying and being on here lately, i’ve been having a few problems medically and i’ll be going to the doctor’s on friday. in the meantime school is keeping me busy and my mondays and wednesdays are long especially. I will do my best to be on here soon!}

"Only if I get to dance with you!" Maybe she should take her own clothes off, so they’d be even?

"Of course, if you like!" She reached out and grabbed the lady’s hands and started twirling in a circle.

"Can I look?"

"Well, I daresay there’s not really much to look at." Says the one standing there in naught but her shift. "Maybe I should do a dance?"

*throws seaweed-blanket over*

"Drat." Well, there went that plan.

"I’ve been told it is ‘Sexual Sunday’…" Strikes a pose.

Don’t tell my brother.

Anonymous: who is one person you've always wanted to rp with?

{ooc: Im going to assume this is for me as the mundane ^^ and I’m going to assume this is in regards to those I have not had a thread with yet. I’d have to say I’ve always wanted to thread with crownofleavesandberries. Their Thranduil has always been a one of my favorites and I just really love the way they write him. And I could never hope to be on par with them so I sort of admire from afar. But I can faithfully said that they are one person I’ve always wanted to rp with but haven’t because I’m too shy to ask and I’m just one person on their dash when there’s all these other awesome roleplayers around :) }


Pral squeaked in shock and jumped to hide under the table. He’d been spotted! No! Now he would never taste the deliciousness of those amazing raspberry tarts.

Under the table, his stomach growled. It slowly dawned on him that he was not being chased, and that the lady had offered him a tart. He peeked out from under the table.

"I- yes please?"

"Of course." She straightened and went over to the cupboard to fetch a small, wooden plate and fork. "You’ve no need to be frightened of me, little one; I shan’t hurt you, I promise." After a short moment, the golden-haired maiden knelt down so that she was almost under the table herself and offered a plate with a perfect little berry tart served upon it.

"Here you are, sweeting." 




Pral was creeping through the meadow to the little cottage when he smelled raspberry tarts. He crept faster, and faster, until he reached the cottage. With a quick look around to check he hadn’t been spotted, he hauled himself through the window.

Oh, what glorious luck! The tarts were set out to cool, beautiful, beautiful raspberry tarts that any little orc boy would be glad to eat. He gave a furtive look around, didn’t see anyone, and snuck closer. He would take a few, and then beat it. No one would ever be the wiser, and anyway, there were so many they could never be missed.

Goldberry turned at the sound of something moving about in the kitchen. She walked away from her treasured water lily pots and over to the table where she spied a rather hungry looking boy. With a sunny smile she made her way to him and leaned over slightly to catch his eye. “Hello there, did you want one?”